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Lose weight naturally and healthily with MindFrameHow can self-hypnosis help you lose weight and keep it off without willpower or medication?  Terry Winchester has spent the best part of forty years honing and perfecting the brain child of his youth – a powerful and life-changing five step hypnotherapy technique called MindFrame.  Through the decades of his work and the countless patients he has treated, Terry has come to appreciate the reality of a benevolent universe that gives us what we seek; we just need to know where to look!

Sadly, intense body-consciousness remains alive and unwell in modern society.  The pressure is forever on to be skinny, a problem often intensified by the idealized images of movie stars and super models depicted in the media.  This unrealistic ‘perception of perfection’ can lead to eating disorders amongst people of all ages, although teenagers in particular, often succumb to peer-pressure-related anorexia and bulimia, or conversely, comfort eat and suffer from equally life-threatening obesity.  Being overweight puts immense strain on your heart, liver, kidneys and other vital organs.  Serious and debilitating health problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, and dysfunctional relationship may not be far behind.

The vast majority of people have been on a diet at some point, many on a regular basis. In desperation we try the endless array of pills and potions available on the market which guarantee to melt away the unwanted kilos.  As most folks will tell you, these assurances generally turn out to be nothing more than empty promises and serve only to make hapless dieters feel even worse.

Weight loss through mind power without willpowerThe old saying “all things in moderation”, seems like a good idea in theory, but often it just becomes too overwhelming when you feel you are constantly swimming ‘upstream’ where weight control is concerned.  The secret is to learn to reach and maintain a healthy body weight and develop a positive body image, ideally through a sensible eating plan and exercise.  If you don’t want to attend a gym then make a promise to yourself to even just take a brisk walk after work every day.  MindFrame will help you take five life-changing steps towards rediscovering the positive, proactive and energized person you were before.

Here at The Winchester Foundation we offer a comprehensive, holistic hypnotherapy program.  It effectively helps you overcome bad eating habits and food addictions, easily and without willpower or the use of medication.  By learning to change your mind and access the deeply relaxed Alpha state, you can beat any problem or addiction by simply changing your negative thought patterns around.  Few of us realize the untapped power we have within ourselves.

Natural weight loss without medicationThere is nothing in the rule book which says you can’t enjoy your meals and have the odd ‘cheat’ if you feel like it.  What you have to learn is the life skills which will allow you to look after your health wisely and not become obsessed with that dreaded number on the bathroom scale.  What we all need to do is become happy and comfortable in our own skins.

The MindFrame Technique can be used by people from all circumstances and walks of life to change negative attitudes and attain joy, harmony and enlightenment. Having challenged the spiritual tenets and laws of this limitless universe, Terry has realized that, with the right mind-set, you can turn your life around as easily as with a simple click of your fingers. Each of us can use what is inherently ours; we just have to learn to harness it.

The MindFrame Technique reprograms the subconscious mind to ‘autopilot’, so no matter what problem you are overcoming you will learn that your point of power is right now and you can choose to see yourself differently.  By going through the program, seemingly insurmountable problems such as phobias, weight problems, substance abuse, depression anxiety, stress and panic attacks etc can be overcome once and for all as you gravitate back to your natural state of being.

Bring illusions to Truth with MindFrameThe MindFrame Technique will give you 5 simple steps to take back your life. Hypnosis is a natural cure for all of the problems to which traditional medicine attaches a diagnosis and a frightening acronym.  We call these syndromes misperceptions because they all start in the mind and have the same basis, fear.  As all fear is an illusion based on past faulty thought patterns, it is easy to bring it to truth and become master of your own destiny.

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Four ways of doing MindFrame

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