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MindFrame Testimonials

A belated thanks for all you did for me. The opportunity to stand back and see the bigger picture was time well spent with you. Have had so many positive examples over the past months, too many to mention. As a cynical man, even I have been gob-smacked at how effective positive thinking is! Currently in Sydney and enjoying every minute! Many thanks for the insight.

-Colin Cooper, Australia

The seminar on Saturday was wonderful - I came for insomnia - I have slept like a log for two nights now......

-LR, Johannesburg, South Africa

Hello Sally-Ann at the Winchester Foundation

I just have to share this with you and to say "thank you" again. If it weren't for you, I would most probably not have slept at all last night. As you know, I usually hide in the cupboard at the slightest distant thunder. We had a huge thunder storm last night and I didn't even know about it! I went to bed listening to the CD (Complete Technique) you gave me. This morning when I got up, my partner told me about the storm. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity. It was an absolutely wonderful experience! It sure made a huge impact on my life.
-Bernadine, South Africa 2008

I'd like to thank you for the seminar.  I attended the seminar because of one issue that has been plaguing me for a few months.  I had a bad relationship and needed to forgive in order to move on. My whole life, including eating and sleeping had been badly affected, both my doctor and psychologist advised me to take a course of anti-depressants, I chose not to. I read a pile of wonderful self- help books, but wasn't able to apply what I'd learnt.  The same scenarios continued to play over and over in my mind, really holding me back and making me feel insane with anger and total disillusionment.  I just couldn't forgive and let go. Doing the seminar, not only consolidated a lot of the info that I had attained in my self-help efforts, but added to it.  I also learned a new tool that I will apply to other areas of my life.  But most of all, I got what I came for. I put my most plaguing issue into all the meditation exercises we did, and on the last one, I felt an enormous shift, I almost cried.  I actually managed to release my tormentor with forgiveness.  I thought, letís wait and see if that was real, letís see if it lasts... well it has! Up until the day of the course I was consumed by negative thoughts and anger for a large part of every single day. I cannot express in words how bad I felt and how close I was to going insane or taking psychiatric medication.  Since the course I have felt free and able to move forward completely empowered to improve other areas of my life.  I can't believe I've finally moved out of that bad space, I'm so glad I invested in myself and attended your seminar.  It was good value for money, quicker and safer than the alternatives. Another thing I would like to add is that I enjoyed the size of the group. It was good to be able to ask questions to help us apply the info to our own situations.  Other people's questions also helped me get more clarity. Thank you so much, you're doing such good work & thanks for the book and the CDís it was really generous and much appreciated.  I'll see you guys again.
-Heather May 2007 - Johannesburg

In the last two years my anxiety attacks became worse by the day until it reached a point where it was affecting my daily activities. Not only was negative state of mind affecting my opportunity for advancement in my career but it also affected my personal life and the ability for my true personality to shine through. Since completing the MindFrame process, it has made me more aware of how my positive and negative thinking patterns can affect my life and the energies I give out to others. I am now able to look at situations which previously caused anxiety attacks, and see them in a composed, logical and stress free manner. The change has been incredible and I can confidently face all situations with ease. MindFrame has truly tuned my life around and has given me back my sparkle!
-May Donges January 2007

I was diagnosed with anxiety / panic attacks about 2 years ago. For a person who hardly ever took headache tablets it was a severe blow. Firstly I had to deal with the fact that it was in fact anxiety (after numerous medical tests), secondly my whole life changed from somebody who thought he could handle anything (stress etc.) to somebody with an enormous fear for death and a whole lot of other things, then I also had to deal with taking all sorts of schedule 5 medications etc. To make a long story short : after 1 year and 3 months of psychologists & medication I read the side effects of these drugs and decided to stop using them. I started to look for a hypno-therapist, but battled (there are so many scaly characters),fortunately a chemist told me about Terry Winchester. Sceptical as I am I decided to phone and make an appointment. What a pleasant surprise to meet a man not only humble, but also with such a deep understanding of life and the universe. After the third session I slowly began to understand that what Terry teaches you are not only the Mind Frame Technique, but also wisdom. For the first time I have stopped searching for answers that are not important, for the first time I really understood what "let go and let God" means and for the first time I've experienced peace. To use a Zen proverb Terry quotes "stop thinking and you will find the answers"- which turned out to be very true - he has taught me to do just that. The Mind Frame Technique is a technique that has helped me in so many ways. Once you've mastered it, the sky is not even the limit, you can go even higher than that. Like in any sport results gets better the more you practice, the more I connect with the spiritual side the more miracles start to happen. All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you. To meet Terry is definitely not just another experience, it is a 360 degree life turn around. With much appreciation
-Jaco,  JHB, South Africa


We wish to express our sincere gratitude for sharing your knowledge & insight with us at the Mind Frame Seminar in November 2001. We received a set of tools to use in our daily lives which we previously did not have. The course far exceeded our expectations & has enriched our lives greatly. With heartfelt thanks,
-Graham & Myrna. - South Africa

I have been under extreme pressure at work and at home. In the last two and a half years I have been taking care of a bed-ridden family member and do a very difficult job. I have been unable to get away for a holiday during this time and have only had one night away. I started having panic attacks and tinitus six months ago and have refused to take medication for this problem. I bought the set of CD's sometime ago and got them out last Friday and systematically did one exercise a day last week. On Thursday afternoon I realised that I was no longer having panic attacks and that the tinitus had disappeared. Iím now using the CDs for any other stress situations I come across.
-LL, South Africa

I would like to say a big thank you for the eye opening experience that the MindFrame Technique has brought into my life. I suffered from depression and anxiety for two years and after getting through each day with anti-depressants it is a relief to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. One gets despondent thinking that they have to deal with it for the rest of their life yet, with this technique, you can turn it around and enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed. For the first time in two years I actually felt like my old self and it was one of the most amazing feelings. My appreciation of being happy can't be put into words. Life is even more beautiful than before and now it is time to start living and not struggling with depression. Feel free to e-mail me at wilsonbrendan@yahoo.com if you want some advice or if you are, like I was, sick and tired of feeling depressed and wanting a way out. All I can say is it works and damn it is a good feeling...
-Brendan Wilson, Johannesburg, South Africa


I had a severe stuttering problem which affected me to the point that I would not answer the phone or even consider going out to meet new people. Went on the course and discovered that all I had to do was change my way of thinking amongst other things. I practised this Technique and found it to be very good. It has helped me so much; my stutter is still with me now and again (it is gradually disappearing) but not as bad as it used to be and my self-confidence has improved as a result. - --Sean D, South Africa

A short note to thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with me on Saturday morning. Thank you too for the insight and lessons which, although inspirational - I find them to be quite overwhelming too....I believe this uneasy space to be a good thing - part of the process of assimilation, questioning....and shifting paradigms? Looking forward and creatively visualizing meeting with you or working through your Mind Frame Box soon.
Shona Elder, South Africa

This is just to say a big thank you for this weekend. I expect my life will be somewhat different for the experience. In fact I hope it will be very different. So much is going thru my head right now and I will take some time to absorb all this info/teaching - sift through it and put it all back in a Lynne mix that works for me. I certainly do feel different and hope that feeling never goes away (even though my environment is one which could easily suck me in if I let it) - so I will be working very hard to keep above all the negative things and other stuff.
- Lynne McCallum

In October, my wife Sheila and I, took part in your Mind Frame seminar. I need to mention, that both of us were already involved with in-depth study of the power of the mind, the subconscious, and the universal search, to know oneself on the spiritual level. I have also been involved with healing for some time, which actually began through a soul-shaking, surprising meditational discovery within myself. We found your seminar, a unique, soul-lifting experience, where you showed us a most simple and practical method to reach depths of meditation, which otherwise would have taken many years of practice to achieve. The most impressive part, is its simplicity, where essentially anyone can take it, and use it to a most beneficial effect. Once we experienced your seminar, we felt a physical and spiritual need, to also take part in the meditational meetings every Thursday. The inner peace and calm derived from these meetings, we found, has a bearing on our everyday lives, emotions and approach to solve all those little problems one continuously encounters. We also realised, that consciously and subconsciously, we influence people around us in a positive way, with the belief system we learned from you. The same time, one feels an inevitable urge, to pass on the knowledge and energies learned, to people, who one instinctively knows, need it. To strengthen our insights and understanding, we repeated your Mind Frame seminar in November, which to our delight, added even more depth, colour and dimension to the subject, little things we missed the first time. We highly recommend this to anyone. Terry, we would like to say THANK YOU, from the depth of our hearts, for the privilege to learn from you, and to be able to be part of that group of very special people, who under your guidance ensure, that "all the darkness in the Universe, can not put out the light of one little candle".


I would love to become an agent for MindFrame. This is much neededÖ here in Durban on a continual basisÖ weekly get togethers with like minded people. Your programme is great. I use it myself and have experienced many positive changes. I would gladly embrace this challenge.
-LK, Durban, South Africa

As a long time "mind over matter" practitioner, but also a predominantly left brained thinker, analytical rather than artistic, the discovery of the Mind Frame Technique is an absolute wonder or, I should say, Miracle for me. I have always regarded myself as open minded and accepting of most things but there were blockages along the way. My major problem, now made abundantly clear by Mind Frame, is (WAS) my left brain, or Ego Mind as Terry calls it, which had to analyse the "WHY does this do this" or "HOW will this work" to the extent that I often forgot what the purpose of the exercise was in the first place!! Hence I very seldom got out of the Beta level, which is not quite true because I really DID think I had handed over my "stuff" to the Universe. On reflection I realise I didn't LET GO, LET GOD, and worried more over 'How far have things gone and will it ever happen'? I have just completed my first visit to the Technique and find it to be all that I have "unconsciously" been looking for over many years. I am retired, so I can make time to relax, but with Terry's hypnotic (truly) voice in the background I found myself 'drifting off' even during the introduction on each of the CD's. The relaxation technique and the follow up has helped me to overcome many of those old blockages and I will continue to work with the programme. Don't expect it to happen immediately, to quote the old saying, '"The impossible we do today, miracles take a little longer". BUT it will happen and that I can affirm to, here and now. "What would you do if you could have your life over?" For me there are many things I would do differently, but the most telling would be to discover The Mind Frame Technique very early in my "new" life. If there are parents out there reading this, get your hands on the MindFrame Technique and introduce your children/grandchildren to it as soon as you can. The youngsters will bless you for  you for giving them new ways to approach life, whilst their minds are still open and unspoilt by modern thinking. They will find studying and retaining what they learn a 'doddle'.  An easily understood and self-applied way of keeping those young minds as they are will not appear again very easily. Thank you Terry, the Winchester Foundation, and The Universe, which makes it all happen.
Eric Byrom Johannesburg South Africa. 06 February 2007.

The seminar on Saturday was wonderful - I came for insomnia - I have slept like a log for two nights now...... -LR, Johannesburg, South Africa I bought your complete box at the exhibition last year and attended your Delta seminar afterwards, which was really great. Hope all is well with you. The UK needs YOU!! -Brian L, London, UK We wanted to say thank you so much for what you did for Bianca. Her waterworks problem has gone forever, and needless to say we are very, very impressed by this.
-Hyett family, Botswana

Hi Terry  

I attended your course in Sydney in December and I am writing to thank you as the course has changed my life. It has enabled me to stand in my power within a very controlling 44 year marriage. I am working through different fears as the weeks go by. I have been working with the fear of drunkenness and violence I had a very challenging situation this week when a young couple next door were fighting. Both of them were drunk and the woman broke every window of their car and then took a base-ball bat to the rest. The man then attacked her and was punching her while her children looked on. I phoned the police but the whole event took 6 hours to get under control. When I white-framed the argument I was not fearful and in the end could send them love. This went on in small incidents and then today in the supermarket the man behind me in the queue at the check out got angry. The male staff had to come and talk to him before things calmed down. All these things would normally send me into a panic but I had no reaction health-wise. I had a large spur on the back of my heal which was very painful. It is now 3/4 of the size it was and getting smaller all the time. I am now working on reclaiming my goal weight of 62 kg (not trying to lose weight of course! ) I would like to say thats it's as easy to learn the mindframe technique at 62 as it is at 20 !! I have so many things I plan to do- the world is my oyster!   Again many thanks for your brilliant course  best wishes  
-Mercy Benediction - Australia

Dear Terry and the MindFrame Team at Winchester Foundation

A couple of weeks ago I purchased MoneyMaker Ė a wonderful little CD changing some of my views about myself and money. I am yet to make my first million (joke) but at least I feel like a million dollars about getting there! My curiosity was tweaked, and I took the plunge and bought the entire CD Complete Box, and it was quit a gamble for me, as I didnít really have the money for it. I was so happy I did it, because the CDís changed my view on so much Ė nearly all (if not all) aspects of my life was now seen in a new way. Suddenly I found myself happier, more relaxed and in control. If it was not due to the course, what else could it be, because nothing else changed in my life? I really enjoyed the course and I have ordered some additional CDís as well! Terry Ė thank you for your efforts in compiling the course. I really benefited from it.

Kindest regards -Chris   


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