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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

My First Miracle–The Rugby Story  

There I was, sitting alone under the goalposts during break admiring Butch – the Churchill School hero. Butch was the ‘main man.’ Everybody idolized him and would give anything to be invited to his house after school. Just to be seen talking to him elevated your status on the ‘cool dude’ charts, never mind the privilege of being called his friend.

He was a thickset lad with a strong jaw. He reminded me of that cartoon character ‘Desperate Dan.’ I would sit there and admire him from a distance as he patrolled the playground with his gang of devotees trotting behind him. I, on the other hand, was so shy that I only had one friend, and he was such a wimp that I was too embarrassed to sit with him. If anyone had told me I had low self-esteem, I would have taken it as a compliment. Nobody even noticed that I was a ‘nobody’ – not even my imaginary friend talked to me!

Then one day, as I was strolling around the playground trying to avoid contact with my wimp friend – as if due to Divine intervention – I thought to myself, ‘I can do it. I’ll befriend Butch; after all, he is only human.’ God alone knows where I got the courage, but I pictured myself sitting in his beat-up old Morris Minor waving to all his fans as we rattled down the road. Within days of my audacious imaginings, the Universe arranged a meeting.

We just clicked; probably because I worshipped the ground he walked on. It seemed that we were destined to be friends and I instinctively slipped into my new role of being the second most popular guy in school. My life had turned around completely and the stage was set for an incredible journey that would take me around the world in search of myself. I started off being nobody at school in Rhodesia, then became somebody by befriending Butch and realizing the power of the imagination. Then, much later while in London, I became nobody again because nobody knew that I had been somebody back home.

Then in New York City, enlightenment would dawn, and I would realize that nobody is anybody because everybody had forgotten who they really are. I would end up living in a cave in India attempting to transcend ‘the body’ that I thought I was, so that I could be the ‘I am’ that always is.  

“Nobody is anybody while in a body, without a body everybody is One"

From One Extreme to Another  

Now that I had made the miraculous transition from ‘nerd’ to ‘jock’ there were certain protocols that needed to be followed. One such requirement was to play first-team rugby. However, some of us were not really blessed with the ox-like body required for a forward in this barbaric game of rough and tumble. As I was also not built for speed, and could not play as a back, the only answer if I was to compete with the best of the schoolboy rugby players was to use stealth and pure mind-power. It worked.

Prior to my rebirth into the world of testosterone, me and some other nerds who didn't know that a ‘try’ for some obscure reason meant five points and not three, were given a reject rugby ball and told to go and kick it around in the bush. It was compulsory to turn up for rugby practice, even if your ball skills were non-existent. Butch was obviously a member of the first-team, and seeing that I would now go to matches with him each Saturday to watch our school perform, my newly-expanded mind began to tick: ‘Why couldn’t I play in the first-team?’

No sooner had I visualized it, when the Laws of Manifestation had set the wheels in motion. Sure enough, I had been making some daring tackles and scoring some brilliant ‘make-believe tries,’ amongst the thorn bushes and anthills, but it was the Universe that arranged things in such a way that one of the coaches happened to notice me pretending to be a rugby star. He must have been impressed, because I got to play a real game for the Under-17E team the next Saturday.

It was awesome; we had a referee, matching jerseys and a slice of orange at half-time. To be acknowledged as a team member representing the school did wonders for my self-esteem! Aided by my new-found bravado, my mind would begin making my body do amazing things on the rugby field.

A feat I found incredible was how these burly players could crash into each other and fall down writhing in pain, only to be instantly healed after the medic had poured a little water on them. It was often the case that a player with a broken collarbone or rib would only feel the pain after the game was over, since the last thing a dedicated sportsman would want would be to have to retire in the middle of a game because of some broken bones.

Often it happened that a player would continue to play after a crunching tackle had caused a broken rib or collarbone. He would only feel the pain after the game, when his mind adjusted back to the physical plane. During the game, a dedicated sportsman would have only one thing in mind, and that would be to perform well. As one can only think of one thing at a time, the broken bone would not be an issue during play. The power of the mind, with the help of naturally released endorphins, enables a sportsperson to perform physiological miracles on the sports field.

I was soon to discover that this ‘superhuman’ phenomenon would also greatly improve the general performance of an aspiring player like me; because although I was initially only pretending to be a rugby star, I had obviously impressed the rugby selectors with some of my miraculous manoeuvres during my Saturday morning games. This became very apparent when I heard my name called over the intercom, announcing the first and second teams for the new season!

Quite frankly, I would have settled for staying in the second team because, after all, I was now with Butch during practice sessions, and usually played curtain raiser for the first-team. It seems, however, that if you visualize something, the Universe will not rest until you achieve exactly what you have pictured. My original picture was of myself as the first-team ‘hooker,’ but this position was already filled by Duncan, a brilliant player I wouldn’t have dreamt of usurping.

It only took a week for the Universe to arrange for his family to immigrate to Australia so that I could be promoted. I thought I was dreaming when I was issued with my brand new first-team rugby jersey! Now I really had to play well. First-team rugby players are demigods at high school and there were hoards of girls with blossoming bodies to impress. The trouble was, my state of fitness left much to be desired, and the pace of those first-team games was killing me! “C’mon you can do it!” yelled Butch as his monstrous hand pulled me out from under a pile of sweaty bodies. “I’m not so sure anymore,” I moaned as we dove into another loose scrum of man-sized schoolboys.

I began to wonder if this visualization thing was such a good idea after all. There was only one way for me to survive this gruelling sport. I had already used the power of the mind to get onto the team; now I needed to call on the unlimited power within to help me play the game and justify my first team jersey. Well, it worked again!

Every so often, once I had caught my breath, I would trigger the rugby-star mind-set that I had mentally rehearsed each night before going to sleep. The next thing I knew, I would be belting down the field towards the try-line. Don’t ask me how the ball ended up in my hands, but it seemed as if everyone on the field – including the opposition – was compelled to support me in my imagined brilliance. Invariably, a try would be scored and no one was more amazed than I. If I could get into the first rugby team and score tries, anyone could do anything!

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