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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

Depression sets me free

I woke up one morning feeling totally disillusioned with life. Everything seemed so meaningless. Outside, I could hear the cars starting up, indicating that at least some people had found enough motivation to drag themselves out of bed to face another meaningless day. What was the point, when at the end of the struggle to survive, you drop dead anyway?

I looked at the pile of sleeping bodies littering the floor all around me. They were from all around the world. Some of them came from affluent backgrounds and circumstances. Why had they ended up here in this dingy basement room in Earls Court, London? Surely the twenty years of struggle their parents had gone through to make a happy life for them had meant something?  My own predicament was the most depressing thing of all.

There I was, a qualified, hypnotherapist who was a ‘Master of the Universe,’ reduced to a drunken bum reluctantly experimenting with drugs. How quickly we forget! I had to get out of this rut. I had been unable to influence my friends for the better, and now I had allowed them to influence me to my detriment. This life of drugs and drink was the pits – it was just not worth it. I had completely lost a week of my life from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day somewhere in the early seventies. The only thing I remember, in my acid-induced, deluded state, was sitting on one the lions in Trafalgar Square for what seemed like an eternity, wondering why I had created this Universe in the first place.  

I lay there, gazing up at the ceiling and scanning for a suitable object from which to hang a rope and end it all. Suicide, however, seemed a rather messy option that would upset a lot of people – especially my mother – so I decided against it. Still, the thought of spending the next forty years eking out a miserable living and then dropping dead, did not appeal to me either. I would rather just croak right now, thank you very much!

“Got it!” I yelled out loud as I sprang out of bed, as if I had just discovered the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. I would go to New York City on a one-way ticket, with no money. This would be the perfect way to see if Jesus was telling the truth when he said we should take no thought for tomorrow, what we eat or wear or where we are going to sleep. If he was right and all we had to do was ‘let go and let God,’ then all my problems would be over. If he was wrong and I crumpled up in the gutter and died as society warned would happen, then that was also fine. It would not upset my mother as much, and I’d save myself years of meaningless suffering.

But just think of the consequences for mankind if Jesus was right, all our worries would be over! I paced the room as my mind raced. This was exciting. As an added bonus, I would maybe find someone in America that would confirm that these miraculous things that had happened to me were based on natural law and were not just odd strokes of luck. No sooner had I redirected my negative thoughts into a new positive channel, then my depression lifted and renewed inspiration began to flow.

“As you think so shall it be,” our elder brother Jesus reminded us. He also said to take no money and have no script for the journey. Shoes and a second coat would also not be necessary. The challenge I now faced was getting myself to America with the little money I had. Well, it had worked before, so I lay down again, relaxed, and visualized myself standing in the street looking up at the Empire State building. My mind soared.

I was reminded of some of the other things that the Jewish carpenter’s son had mentioned; he went so far as to say that even if you did drop dead for any reason, you have the power to bring yourself back to life again. He had actually done just that himself, and today millions of people follow him! Gee, this was going to be interesting. This was much better than suicide; I could even become famous in the process!

The old feeling of freedom was back and I was once again aware that the world was my oyster. I was free to do whatever I wanted. The Universe certainly didn’t waste any time because the next evening, while I was having my usual pint of lager in the Zambezi Club, an angelic looking creature with long blonde hair plonked herself down on the bar stool next to me. Staring me straight in the eyes she said, “Hi.” I nearly fell off my perch!

I had always been too shy to meet girls and would just sit in the corner admiring them from a distance. I never realized that girls actually don’t mind guys coming up to them just to chat. Had I known then what I know now, I would not have wasted so much time on my stupid misperception. Youth is definitely wasted on the young.

We started talking and I mentioned that I wanted to go to New York City. “I knew we met for a reason,” she mused, “I’m a travel agent and can fix you up with a flight.” The fact that I had limited funds didn’t seem to worry her and the next day, a half-price, one-way ticket materialized. Again I was gob-smacked. She must have been working for the ‘special branch’ or maybe she was just a passing angel because unfortunately, I never saw her again.

The Universe had performed yet another miracle at my behest; The Nazarene had not been lying! “All things are possible to them that believe”–Bible The flight from London to New York was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had in my life, as I had no idea what was going to happen. I had no plans, no thoughts, not a care in the world. It was a truly liberating feeling.

It was as if some benevolent force had taken over my life and all I had to do was enjoy the journey. I actually felt sorry for all the tourists on board who were busying themselves with all their travel arrangements. I just stared out of the plane window, mesmerized by the beauty and freedom of each moment. Every thought that chose to cross my mind simply floated by like the soft white clouds below me. The peace was indescribable. On arrival at JF Kennedy Airport, I was herded towards the customs counter.

A thought arose in the empty space in my head that this was going to be interesting because these were the guys that checked to see if you qualified to enter their country. I had left London on a prayer and a whim, literally. I had materialized a half-priced, one-way ticket to escape a depressing predicament. I had no money; there was no plan ‘B’ – or plan ‘A’ for that matter! If this did not work and they threw me out of the USA, someone upstairs was going to have some explaining to do! I handed over my passport, and the bored looking official went straight to the back page where the travel allowance is usually recorded.

He was about to ask me why the page was blank when the phone behind him rang. He turned around to answer it. At that point I started to have doubts about this whole thing. So, thinking that the Universe might need a little help in pulling this one off, I visualized him turning around, stamping my passport and saying, “Welcome to the USA.” That is exactly what happened. I couldn’t believe it.

To this day, I don’t know if it was the picture that I had implanted in the nape of his neck that did it or whether that phone call was some sort of special instruction from above to waive the rules in my case. I moved on. The nervous looking hippie behind me, who looked similar to me with his torn jeans and long beard, handed in his passport and the official immediately looked at the back to check his finances. He was told that he fell short by a hundred dollars and therefore could not enter the country. The unfortunate youngster was put on the next flight back to London. I felt sorry for my spiritual brother, and wanted to comfort him by reminding him that it is all perfect and that everything happens for a reason. On the other hand who the hell did he think he was, travelling with insufficient funds!

As I walked out of the terminal building, I saw a bus marked ‘New York City.’ Although I had no money for a ticket, something told me to board. A few minutes after the bus set off, the conductor came around shouting, “Tickets please!” Everyone reached for their tickets and had them clipped by the chubby little man with a funny accent. If I’d had a ticket, I would have gladly given it to him. He walked straight past me. I don’t know whether it was because I was not a ‘ticket holder’ and therefore had no business with a ‘ticket collector’ or because he also worked for the Universe in his spare time. Whatever the reason, I could not believe my eyes when I stepped off the bus and saw the Empire State building standing to my right… exactly as I had visualized it while lying in my dingy bed-sitter in London. This visualization trick had no limit.

The ‘image that I had held before me’ had come about. You obviously do not need to be religious for this miracle thing to work – it is just the way things are. I knew then that I could walk on water, multiply fish and chips – or fish and loaves if you’re into that sort of thing – or do anything else my mind imagined.

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