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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

You Can Do Anything

If it really is as simple as imagining something and it will be ours, why aren’t more people doing it? Well, everybody does dream of achieving wonderful things at some point in their lives, but soon after they visualise it, they neutralise it with their doubts.

If it is not their own doubts, you can bet your bottom dollar that some friend or relative will say, “Come on, don't be silly, you’ll never be able to do that!” and the dream will be shattered.

When someone does demonstrate the power of the Universe and miraculously manifests a dream or two, others tend to say that they were just ‘lucky’ and miss the opportunity to learn a life-changing lesson.

Another reason why we don't see many miracles happening around us is because the authorities in our modern, ego-society won’t allow it. In fact, if we did demonstrate the unlimited potential that we have as human beings, we would threaten the whole fabric of our fearful world, and they would find some way of removing us from the game.

In the old days they would simply have crucified us; today they tend to lock us up in a lunatic asylum if we walk around smiling at the fact that all our problems have been solved.

Creating miracles in our lives is as simple as planting a cabbage seed. We all know that the way a seed grows is miraculous, and that anyone can learn to plant seeds.

We also know that seeds will grow for anyone, whether they believe it or not, so why aren’t we all reaping abundant harvests and leading bountiful lives? There can only be one answer. We aren’t planting our seeds in fertile soil.

Obviously the ego, on hearing that it can create whatever it wants, runs riot with the thought of appeasing its endless list of selfish desires with impractical acquisitions. In truth, more is not better – for the ego there is never enough.

One has to be sensitive to ones dharma, or life purpose, to avoid unnecessary struggle. The way to tell whether your goals and objectives are in line with your dharma is the degree of struggle experienced in achieving them. Is everything flowing smoothly or are you hitting your head against the proverbial brick wall?

It is pointless trying to swim upstream to reach the sea. Although the Universe will give you whatever you want, there is no point in getting stuff that will delay the ultimate goal of Self -Realization.

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