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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

The MindFrame Technique®

The MindFrame Technique® is a process of holistic self-hypnosis, enabling the participant to access the subconscious mind, identify the faulty thought-pattern and turn it around. It is a very powerful form of psychotherapy and deep relaxation training that enables you to apply universal principles to solve your problems by bringing the illusion to Truth.

You will be reminded of the fact that you already have everything you need; all you have to do is acknowledge it. It starts from the premise that there are no problems, only misperceptions. A problem can only exist in the mind while you are holding onto a justified misperception. Let it go and the problem is solved as you gravitate back to your default image of health, wealth and happiness.

This unique and powerful self-hypnosis process is the result of over 40 years of searching for a simple technique that would facilitate the application of Universal Principles to naturally solve mankind’s problems. It is the embodiment of the guidance handed down from the Higher Self in response to a sincere cry for help to alleviate the never-ending suffering caused by our attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable. The illusion will never become real. There is only One Way, and whosoever sets out to find that way is destined to find the Truth which will set them free.

Although I personally arrived at this understanding through the field of hypnosis, it will be revealed to everyone regardless of what their particular path is, or what religion they adhere to. The MindFrame Technique® has moved far beyond the conventional understanding of the word hypnosis. What sets this process apart from any other technique is that you are shown how to get whatever you imagine, and at the same time reminded that you already have everything you need.

It is in dealing with this apparent dilemma that the meaning of life is revealed. In order to effectively re-pattern the brain and release the past sanskaras that are causing your psychological blocks, you need to access the subconscious mind through the Alpha and Theta states. This new, ground-breaking approach puts South Africa on the cutting edge of Western interpretation of such holistic healing methods.

As mentioned in an earlier chapter, the process of teaching people to achieve whatever goal they desire, whilst harmonizing this with the fact that the ultimate goal is to be ‘without desire’, is quite a balancing act. The MindFrame Technique® solves the dilemma, and has received the nod of approval from the Himalayan Masters. This approach will allow you to enjoy the things of the world without creating more karma.

The Spiritual principals behind this revolutionary five step procedure are completely in line with the enlightening teaching of ‘A Course in Miracles’ and gives students of this particular program tools to bring their illusions to Truth.

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There are five ways to do MindFrame

Four ways of doing MindFrame

The MindFrame Online University is coming SOON!

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