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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

How Universal Law Works

We are all subject to the law of cause and effect. In the East they call this law karma, which means that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every thought you think has its consequences; this universal law assures that there is justice in the world. Everyone will experience the pain of the insane belief that they can ‘buck the system’ for their own selfish ends and get away with it.

Only when you transcend the ego and open up the fourth chakra do you escape the 'fires of hell'. Until we learn to be in the ego’s world and not of it, we are under the influence of karma and must learn the lessons that it brings. The ultimate lesson karma teaches is that whatever you do to others, you are in fact doing to yourself. This is not some kind of 'Holy Joe' statement that can be dismissed as religious sentimentality, but an immutable law that illustrates the fact that we are actually One.

As an example, imagine that your right hand developed a belief that it is separate from your left, and they started fighting over which one does the most work. Imagine how destructive it would be if they began beating each other up and refused to work together – we would be battered and bruised and end up starving to death. This is what we are doing everyday with our insane belief that we must continually wage war against some perceived enemy.

When we are born, we are fearless because we have not yet developed our ego. We have a clean slate apart from previous karmas that will present later. A child believes it can do anything and knows no limitations. Then the negative programming begins. Parents, teachers and society start to impose limitations upon the infinite mind of the hapless child. The child slowly but surely buys into the fears of society and shuts down the buoyant carefree attitude it was born with. Limitations and lack are taken as normal, and life becomes a struggle as layer upon layer of illusion is laid upon Truth.

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