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Cure Insomnia Naturally through Self HypnosisWhat is insomnia and how can self-hypnosis help you cure your ailment without willpower or medication?  Terry Winchester has spent the best part of forty years honing and perfecting the brain child of his youth – a powerful and life-changing five step hypnotherapy technique called MindFrame.  Through the decades of his work and the countless patients he has treated, Terry has come to appreciate the reality of a benevolent universe that gives us what we seek; we just need to know where to look!

In our fast-paced modern world we face tremendous pressure in our daily lives - work and financial worries, marital and relationships problems, substance abuse, obesity and anxiety etc.   All of these burdens can have a very negative effect on us, often leading to physical and emotional exhaustion and debilitating insomnia.

Not getting enough rest leads to a weary body and a tired mind.  This in turn can result in a weakened immune system and poor health.  Most people suffer from disturbed sleep patterns occasionally, but this will often be when they are experiencing high levels of stress for example, and they return to normal without intervention.

However, ask any chronic insomniac how many cracks there are in the bedroom ceiling, and they will be able to tell you the exact number.  As the exhaustion builds, everyday things like going to work, cooking and even spending time with family and friends feel like that they are just too much of an effort.  Slowly but surely you slip into an endless cycle of tiredness and sleep deprivation which can then result in other serious medical problems like depression.

Holistic cure for insomniaWhat we have to learn is new life skills which will allow us to look after our mental and physical health and wellness wisely and understand that if our minds are in the right place, it is possible to relax in the evening and enjoy a well-deserved rest.  If we make ourselves anxious by planting the seed that we are going to lie awake all night listening to the seconds tick by, we actually talk ourselves out of the sleep we so desperately need and must have to function properly.

You may find this hard to believe, but it is possible to teach your mind and body that when you get into bed you are going to enjoy the rest and rejuvenation which is so important to help you recharge your depleted batteries.  “Yeah right, easy for you to talk” I hear you say, but the solution is actually within your reach if you just open your mind to the infinite peace and generosity of the universe.

Meditation natural help with insomniaHere at The Winchester Foundation we offer a comprehensive, holistic hypnotherapy program.  It effectively helps you overcome ingrained habits quickly and easily without willpower or the use of medication.  By learning to change your mind and access the deeply relaxed Alpha state, you can overcome sleeplessness by simply reversing your negative thought patterns.  Few of us realize the untapped power within to alter our life paths if we choose to.

Sufferers of insomnia and related health problems can cure themselves in a matter of days.  Mental blocks, many of which originate in our childhoods, can be turned into positive behavioural patterns.  The MindFrame Technique will reprogram the subconscious mind to ‘autopilot’, so no matter what problem you are overcoming you will learn that your point of power is right now and you can choose to see yourself differently.  By going through the program, seemingly insurmountable issues can be overcome as you gravitate back to your natural state of perfect health and happiness.

Bring illusions to Truth with MindFrameThe MindFrame Technique will give you 5 simple steps to take back your life and rebuild your happiness and wellness. Hypnosis is a natural cure for all of the problems to which traditional medicine attaches a diagnosis and a frightening acronym.  We call these syndromes misperceptions because they all start in the mind and have the same basis, fear.  As all fear is an illusion based on past faulty thought patterns, it is easy to bring it to truth and become master of your own destiny.

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