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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

The Apparent Paradox  

I now experienced a dilemma, however. Could I still teach people to achieve their goals through the power of the mind, when in truth there is “nothing to do and nowhere to go”? I was showing people how to apply the Laws of the Universe to attain anything they wished for; yet in the same breath telling them that whatever they acquired in the material world would bring them suffering. All endeavours on this level are temporary and will vanish in time.

How does one come to terms with such an apparent paradox? I had travelled the length and breadth of the Western world seeking clarification on this point, only to discover that our Western culture is totally obsessed with acquiring more and more possessions. We seem to believe that our next acquisition; whether it is the latest car, a better job or a new lover, will bring us that elusive happiness.

Everyone would ask me how I could be so happy when I didn’t have anything, not even a girlfriend. To me, it seemed obvious that if we have nothing, everything belongs to us. We don’t have to own things to enjoy them. In fact, it is this attachment to things that leads to suffering. Buddha mentioned this when he said that the whole material world involves suffering and the cause of that suffering is desire.

According to his teachings, as soon as you desire something you are sowing the seeds for suffering. We know that by getting what you don’t want involves suffering as does not getting what you do want. However, even getting what you want involves suffering suffering.  involves suffering, as does not getting what you do want. But, because it is in time and space and is therefore temporary. Some people feel really threatened by this concept – it’s no wonder they crucified Jesus when he warned them of this folly.

I Seek a Guru in India  

Aquarian Estates had been a full time project, so as soon as I could see that the energies were self-sustaining,  my thoughts drifted back to India. I needed to get answers to the dilemma Swami Satchidananda had invoked in me, at that fancy hotel in Montreal years before. , As if on autopilot, I packed my trusty rucksack, bid farewell to the community, and headed off to the Asian continent.

I can’t remember where the money for my one-way ticket to India came from, but I made sure that I did not have the means to sustain myself. That way I was sure to attract the attention of the Gods who promise to look after people that go in search of them. After a few months of living with dysentery, hepatitis and bed bugs, I was actually on the point of quitting my search.

The bed bugs were definitely the worst. The moment I sat down on any wooden or cane furniture, I would be mercilessly attacked. Within seconds my skin would be itching as these tiny, almost invisible, insects appeared from nowhere and began sucking my blood. Besides cursing these evil creatures, I was doing all the right things – daily asanas, pranayama and two hours of meditation.

Despite all my Holy Joe efforts, no Divine Beings had appeared to whisk me off to celestial realms. Even spending six weeks in a Himalayan cave on the banks of the Ganges River was not enough to attract the attention of these illusive Masters. Finally after reaching the point where I was about to abandon what seemed like abandoning what seemed like a futile mission, it happened.

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