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Online Hypnotherapy Program With The MindFrame Technique®  

Terry Winchester has spent the best part of forty years honing and perfecting the brain child of his youth – a powerful and life-changing five step hypnotherapy technique called MindFrame.  Through the decades of his work and the countless patients he has treated, Terry has come to appreciate the reality of a benevolent universe that gives us what we seek; we just need to know where to look!

Overcome cancer naturally through self hypnosisIn modern society we are continuously bombarded with pressures - work and financial worries, marital and relationships problems, ill-health, addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression etc.  All of these hurdles can swiftly make life very difficult.  Most people have so many responsibilities and deadlines that they seldom have the chance to pause, step back and take time to rest and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

Diagnosis of a 'dread' disease is very traumatic for an individual and their friends and families.  Most people who hear the big “C” for example, immediately think it’s ‘tickets’ and there is little or no hope that they will recover.  There is a growing trend towards natural chemotherapy which does not poison the body with evil concoctions of drugs, but rather helps it return slowly and naturally to healthiness.  Trials of this alternate and less invasive way to fight cancer are showing startling results.

Natural solution for cancer using self hypnosis and mind powerThe primary cause of cancer, like any disease where the normal functioning of the body has been compromised, is excessive tension and trauma. These stresses are due to psychological disorders or emotional baggage such as the harboring of inner anger, holding on to irritation and resentment and not being able to forgive yourself or others. These aberrations become all consuming to the point where the body literally starts to "eat itself".  

When we entertain faulty thought patterns, the whole body is thrown out of alignment. This then manifests in the individual’s ‘Achilles heel’, the weakest organ, tissue or cell group. The mind is in every cell of the body, thus when you are burdened with these soul-destroying, knotted emotions, the cells reflect the anomaly as a cancerous tumor.

Often cancer is blamed on “hereditary” factors, and it is fairly well documented that a physical weakness may, to a certain extent, be inherited from the parents.  However, each individual actually has the choice as to whether they will become dis-eased or not – it’s all in the mind.  Cancer patients, for example, are often so afraid of their illness that they energize and empower it with their negative thoughts and emotions.

Meditation and self hypnosis cure cancerGood ways to combat the fear of being extremely ill revolve around working from the inside of the body rather than the other way around.  Things like yoga, meditation and, if you are on medication, using the power of positive thought to pour healing energy into your tablets, are incredibly potent tools.  Yoga and meditation teach the ability to calm the mind which allows the body time to heal too.  In the Alpha state you are resting in the same way as if you were asleep, and there is nothing more rejuvenating than a great night’s sleep.  You will find amazing new levels of calmness, peace and spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Bring illusions to Truth with MindFrameNow, of course, the medical profession is preoccupied with trying to fix the problem once it presents in the body. However, it must be remembered that the symptom, or the first sign of cancer, is an essential message from the body that the sufferer must change his or her mind. Only once the faulty thought patterns have been changed can the body gravitate back to harmony and health.

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