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Excerpt from Terry's new book - coming early 2014

But We Forget

Why do we forget the simple truth that all our needs are already met and nothing real can be threatened? Once we become embroiled in the ego’s world, we lose sight of our True nature of peace and joy and instead find ourselves full of fear. Fear causes us to be continually on guard as we desperately try to control our lives. This defensive and fearful approach to our everyday lives can cause us to recede into the tamasic state of being; where we feel hopeless and unable to motivate ourselves to do anything.

This debilitating fear dis-empowers us to the point where we believe that we need permission from some authority before we may do anything. Our spontaneous childhood freedom has been usurped by the morbid opinions of a frightened society. It obviously started with our childhood conditioning, and now we are so indoctrinated that we dare not do anything that is different or unique. If others aren’t doing it, then how can we?

Look at fashion – we tend to wear the same clothing as everyone else; we are only happy if we are conforming to the masses. We need to identify with some group, religion or sports team in order to feel that we are somebody. We don the t-shirt that boldly informs everyone to which gang we belong, believing that there is strength in numbers. If there are others like us, we don’t have to be so scared because we will protect each other from the enemy.

We will even go as far as getting ourselves tattooed in an attempt to permanently belong. We are proud of the fact that we are patriotic and will even die for our country, which, in fact, doesn’t even belong to us. In most cases we stole it and killed off the original inhabitants. We will find in our history somewhere that the North took it from the South, the East from the West or the whites from the blacks.  The fact that we identify with a certain gang polarizes everyone into us and them.

When we see that we are still not happy, we will blame them. Having done that, the only way to feel safe is to go and wipe them out. Then we will be happy! This insane belief that, in order to have peace, we have to go to war assures that fear possesses us and that the ego rules the world.

Well ‘bah’ to the sheep mentality and being patriotic to a lost cause! We are complete and whole within ourselves now and forever. Let’s proudly affirm our uniqueness. Dare to be different and dare to be free. 

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