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The MindFrame Technique - A life changing 5-step process

Turn your life around with the
'Click of your fingers'

About the founder
Terry Winchester

The MindFrame Technique®
 A Simple, Practical process to Self-Realization

The MindFrame Technique® is the culmination of over 30 years of research and development at The Winchester Foundation. This powerful process integrates the goal-orientated Western methods of mind power with the ancient wisdom of the East.

Terry Winchester has spent the best part of forty years honing and perfecting the brain child of his youth – the powerful and life-changing five step hypnotherapy technique called MindFrame®.  Through the decades of his work and the countless patients he has treated, Terry has come to appreciate the reality of a benevolent universe that gives us what we seek - we just need to know where to look!

In our daily lives we face tremendous pressures - work and financial worries, marital and relationships problems, ill-health, addictions, stress and anxiety to name just a few.  Few of us even realize the power we have within ourselves to not just survive, but actually thrive and prosper in an increasingly competitive world.

This life-changing process can be used by people from all circumstances and walks of life to change negative attitudes and attain joy, harmony and spiritual enlightenment.  Having researched this topic extensively, Terry has come to know that with the right mind-set, you can turn your lives around as easily as with a simple click of the fingers.  We can use what is inherently ours; we just have to learn how to harness it.

The MindFrame Technique® will reprogram the subconscious mind to ‘autopilot’, so no matter what problem you are overcoming you will learn that your point of power is right now and you can choose to see yourself differently.  By going through the program, afflictions such as drug and alcohol abuse, depression, insomnia, anxiety, phobias, obesity and damaged relationships can be dealt with once and for all as you gravitate back to your natural healthy state of being.

This powerful process will give you 5 simple steps to master your life. Hypnosis is a natural cure for all of the problems to which traditional medicine generally attaches a scary acronym and a prescription.  We call these syndromes misperceptions because they all start in the mind and have the same basis, fear.  As all fear is an illusion based on past faulty thought patterns, it is easy to dispel it by bringing it to truth, thus becoming master of your life, not a victim of circumstance.

After mastering the initial technique only 15 minutes in the Alpha each day will ensure that you can be the conscious creator of your circumstance - leading to a happier, healthier and more abundant life!

Practical Training  - The Five Steps

Step One | Step Two | Step Three | Step Four | Step Five | The Seminar | What Can MindFrame Do For Me?

Step 1 - Deep Relaxation 

To download step one NOW, register here.

From this deep refreshing state of being, you can now access the creative subconscious mind and by working at this level of mind, you can work on your old faulty patterns and immediately start to turn your life around.

Main uses:
To reach deep physical relaxation
To harmonise your sleep cycles
To communicate with the subconscious mind


Step 2 – The Mental Mirror

Step 2
- is the foundation of the MindFrame Technique®. This is the main tool used at this creative dimension. It is a revolving mirror, which will simply help you identify any faulty pattern and help you turn it around. It has a black frame on one side and on the other side is a white frame. The black frame always represents the negative, the past. You turn it around and you arrive at the positive, in the white frame. The more you use this technique the more health, wealth and happiness will come into your life. You have energised your solution! You have created your future!

Main uses:
To turn negative patterns into positive outcomes
To set future goals
To heal relationships
To release yourself from all fear
To be here now and align yourself with your
true purpose


Step 3 – The Finger Trigger

The mirror can be swiveled by simply bringing the first two fingers and the thumb, of either hand together. This trigger will automatically cause you to pause, step back and relax. You can snap into the right frame of mind. Your control is at your fingertips. There is a lot of energy in our fingertips. As soon as you relax, the fingers automatically curl in and even though they are not touching, they close the energy circuit,
you relax and go into the Alpha state.

Main uses:
For instant relaxation
To stop reactionary behavioural patterns
To swivel the Mental Mirror from black to white
For activating memory (Studying)
Finding a parking place )
To help in finding misplaced items
For anchoring good experiences


Step 4 – The Water Technique

What happens if you neglect to use the Finger Trigger? Suddenly your negative thought patterns have energised the black frame. You feel depressed, stuck in your old pattern, you are going to be saying, “I don’t know what to do?!” This is where Step 4 comes in. When you are working with the black and white frame, you do not have to go all the way back the past or to the original incident to change these patterns, you simply change the current version. Through deep relaxation you can access the deep Alpha state of mind, commonly known as the sub-conscious. All your experiences since birth are recorded as thought patterns in the sub-conscious. As there is no time and space at this level of mind, these patterns can be changed regardless of how long ago they were formed. The 5 Step MindFrame Technique® addresses this change.

Main uses:
Important events
Backup for the Finger Trigger
Hand over questions to the subconscious mind
Swivel Mirror from Black to White
good experiences


Step 5 – Meditation

The purpose of this meditation technique is twofold: Firstly, it will deepen your Alpha state and train the mind to be focused and single minded at any time. Secondly, it will enable you to work towards transcending the mind and achieve the ultimate goal of man, which is to open up the Delta or spiritual side of life. Every night when we go to sleep we enter the Delta level. Here there is no thought and no action. This step can be used as a stand-alone meditation technique whenever you wish to contact the inner-self and experience peace and calm that comes from within.

Main uses:
To focus the mind
Open ‘Delta’ to attain Self-Realisation.


The MindFrame Technique® is the most comprehensive and extensive course in the actual techniques used for personal development and mind training you can experience. From the first session, this thoroughly practical Seminar teaches you how to easily and immediately access the full, creative power and potential of your mind at the Alpha level. This is followed by comprehensive training in the techniques and triggers necessary to apply that power and potential to all aspects of your life. In just one day of course attendance, or through the purchase of the Complete Box, you will learn how to really live your life to its full potential.

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What the MindFrame Technique® can do for you

Each and every one of us has the desire to make certain basic changes to our lives, and/or the world around us. And yet most of us remain complacent, held captive by feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction or frustration, simply because we don’t know how to use the natural, inherent power of our minds.

Personal Fulfillment
Learn to expand your thinking and enjoyment of life. The MindFrame Technique® teaches you how to establish definite positive goals, and helps you harness the vast power of your mind to attain them. Imagine the joy of turning the dreams of tomorrow into the realities of today!

Improved Memory Power
Through proven techniques you will learn to tap into the tremendous mental potential you have, to rapidly learn and recall speeches, data, sales presentations, names, faces, numbers, etc. Learn how to develop a photographic memory and use your mind more effectively and to its full potential.

Financial Success
Everyone yearns for success, yet few people actually achieve it. The “rules” for abundance and the accumulation of wealth have been known for centuries. The MindFrame Technique® will teach you how to effect the necessary inner changes, so that you can take advantage of those rules and convert them into tangible results.

Habit Control
Learn a definite simple formula to replace negative, self-defeating habits such as smoking, over-eating, worry, indecision, laziness and procrastination. Positive, constructive habits provide increased energy, more fun, joy and satisfying pleasure and fulfillment in life.

Improved Performance on the Sports field
Develop the mental and psychological aspects of Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, or any other sporting activity – where 90% of successful performance originates in the mind. The MindFrame Technique® helps you relax under pressurised competitive circumstances, and maintain confidence, focus and a winning attitude. Develop the edge that makes a champion.

Relief from Corporate Stress, Depression, Anxiety etc
Our peace of mind and happiness is threatened by stressful situations every day of our lives. Stress causes heart attacks, strokes and many other diseases. It limits our ability to perform effectively. Through The MindFrame Technique® you can learn to control stress and to meet every situation with a confident, calm and relaxed manner that emanates from within.

Total Relaxation
The average Western person is the most uptight specimen in the history of man! The MindFrame Technique® relaxes you, mentally and physically, and develops a feeling of peace, harmony, well being and understanding, the first step towards expanded awareness and a more powerful consciousness.


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There are five ways to do MindFrame

Four ways of doing MindFrame

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