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The MindFrame Technique
 A Simple, Practical process to Self-Realization

MindFrame Seminars with Terry Winchester

MindFrame Seminars

Next Life-Changing Seminar:
Johannesburg, South Africa

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Saturday, 30th November 2013
9:00am - 6:00pm



Liz Killassy
(011) 706 5447

Lauren Winchester


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Terry Winchester
BrandLaureate Personality Award
for Hypnotherapy
 brings you
the MindFrame Technique®
This 5 Step Self- Hypnosis process is the most comprehensive and extensive course in the actual techniques used for personal development and
mind training you can experience.

The MindFrame Technique® is a process that teaches the participant how to move from the conscious, Beta, level of the mind, to the more relaxed, subconscious Alpha & Theta levels whilst remaining fully conscious.

 It is at this level of mind that we can think creatively and identify the root cause of any problem and empower ourselves to change our self-image.

Based on the principle
'Whatever image you hold before you will come about,' we learn to acknowledge the self-created negative aspects, thus enabling a transformation.

This new positive image is the first step towards
 Self-realization. The door is now open.

Each and every one of us has the desire to make certain basic changes to our lives, and or the world around us and yet most of us remain complacent, held captive by feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction or frustration, simply because we don’t know how to use the natural, inherent POWER of our MINDS.

These 5 Powerful, practical steps will show you how!

In just one day of course attendance or through the Complete Box or e-box download you will learn how to really live your life to its full potential. 

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Terry Winchester
Author & Hypnotherapist
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Sample Chapters of
Terry's best-selling book

"Only your thoughts
 can upset you"
Step One
(Deep Relaxation)
of the
MindFrame Technique

TV Shows & talks,
 the power
 of the
sub-conscious mind

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